• Students pick a major battle of the American Civil War to research
    • Create a PowerPoint about the battle
    • Who was involved, where did it take place, when did it occur
    • Include photo, facts, data

  • Students create a story or diary about the Civil War from the perspective of a typically underrepresented point of view
    • From the point of view of slaves, women, Native Americans, etc.

Sample Project Description:
Civil War Project
There were many important and deciding moments, people, and resources in the Civil War. With a partner, you will work together to focus upon one of the topics below. You will research and gather facts about your specific topic and put together a 5 minute presentation which you will give to your classmates. Be creative! Presentation can take on many different forms. Potential options include a PowerPoint, pamphlet, poster, storybook, journal, etc.
Your project must follow all details outlined in the rubric. Most important to focus upon is what was the significance or impact of your topic in the war.
After you have chosen your partner, pick a topic from the list below. Each topic may only be picked once. Tell Ms. Casey after you have decided upon your topic.
  • Battles (pick one)
    • First Battle of Bull Run
    • Antietam
    • Gettysburg
    • Vicksburg
    • Shiloh
    • Atlanta
    • Fredericksburg
    • Petersburg
  • Women in the war
    • Nurses
    • Spies
    • Soldiers
    • On the home front
  • Influential women
    • Clara Barton
    • Mary Chestnut,
    • Mary Lincoln
    • Harriet Beecher Stowe
    • Harriet Tubman
  • African Americans in the war
  • Life in the camps – soldiers’ experiences
  • Home Front – the civilian experience
  • Technology (choose a specific new technology)
    • Ironclads
    • Rifles/cannons
    • Telegraph
    • Railroads
  • Leaders (pick one)
    • President Lincoln
    • General Ulysses S. Grant
    • General Robert E. Lee
    • General George B. McClellan
    • General “Stonewall” Jackson
    • General William Sherman
  • Your state during the war